Company Stories

AVA was established with the vision of building the world of investment which everyone can have equal access to investment inclusion.

We firmly believe that most people are not equipped to be investors. This is the reason why over 80% of investors are losing money in their investment. We further believe that people should have the freedom to invest in any assets in any markets in the world.

We, therefore, carefully researched and developed an innovative investment assistant platform for all types of investors. Our platform provides flexibility which allows investors to invest in any assets around the world without any limitations.

Our goal is to establish an Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Centre for Investment (Artificial Intelligence in financial domain), in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence experts, both public and private sectors, from Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. The research includes Financial Big Data, Financial Visualisation, Trading Platform, Robo-Advisor, Robo-Fund, Real-Time Deposit & Withdrawal, eKYC, Financial Chatbot and CRM Platform.

Despite the fact that our tools are not fully accessible to all investors in different countries due to  legal restrictions, the AVA team remains committed to the vision and mission of building a better investment world continuously.

History & Timeline


Mr. Niran Pravithana (CEO) and his team developed a stock application named Market Anyware.


Market Anyware  started servicing its first two customers, SCB Securities and KSecurities, which are the top 3 banks in Thailand.


Market Anyware Co., Ltd. was founded.


AVA started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance application performance.


AVA Alpha, an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning R&D Lab in financial domain, was founded.


AVA launched AVA Advisor, the first Robo-Advisor platform for active investors in SET.

AVA Advisor, a Robo-Advisor platform, started servicing 8 brokerage firms in Thailand.


AVA Advisory (Hong Kong) was founded.

AVA Advisory (Hong Kong) joined the Cyberport Incubation Program.


AVA Alpha partnered with KTB Securities (Thailand) and Merchant Partner Securities to launch the AVA Alpha Fund, an Artificial Intelligence-based private fund.


AVA Advisory (Hong Kong) launched Avalant, an advanced CRM platform, for a brokerage firm.

Avalant, an advanced CRM platform for better communication, won SET Capital Market Innovation Awards 2018.

AVA Alpha won TFEX Algorithmic Trading Competition 2018.

AVA Advisory (Hong Kong) participated in B4B Challenge Competition 2018 in Hong Kong and Shanghai and was 1 of the 6 finalists.

The first Robo-fund, AVA Alpha I, for passive investors was pre-launched.


AVA Alpha I was launched by Merchant Partner Securities with USD10,000,000 AUM.

AVA Advisory (Hong Kong) and Galaxy Treasure Securities formed a joint venture to start Avantis Securities for global investors in Hong Kong.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) of Thailand  invested in Market Anyware Co., Ltd at 500M Baht valuation for 1% of the company.

Avalant, an advanced CRM platform, started servicing 3 leading brokerage firms in Thailand.